Integrated M n' E Engineering

Air-conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation

- Air-conditioning

- Mechanical ventilation systems

- General Mechanical work

Plumbing and Sanitary Installation

- Water recirculation system

- Sanitary system

- Installation of sanitary appliances and fittings

- Town gas reticulation system

Fire Prevention and Protection System


- Specialist systems (incld. wet chemical suppression system)

Design, Integration And Implementation of

Building Automation System

- Waste Treatment Plant

- Dust Collector (Environmental Control)

- Mechanical Handling System

- Production Conveyors

- Industrial Machines and Pipe Work

- Cleanroom (Class 10 – 100,000)

- Energy Saving Systems

- Environmental Management Systems

Facility Management

Provision of:

ACMV System Installation

Electrical Installation

- Plumbing & Sanitary Installation

- Building Automation System

Building Services and Maintenance

Security Automation

Integrated Monitoring and Control Systems

Building Automation System

Direct Digital Control

HT electrical distribution systems

- Transformer

- Power and Control Cables

Compress Air Systems

LT electrical distribution systems

- Switchboard

- Ancillaries