HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning; also heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. With the support of all parties, IEQ Engineering has growth into one of the major supplier of the HVAC products.



Our Standard design is using Double-Wall Insulated Casing, Double wall insulated materials (polyurethane, fibre-glass, rockwool) and internally lined with plain or perforated GI sheet; selected to meet any fire protection requirement, thermal insulation requirement, acoustic attenuation, noise-breakout requirement and specific environmental requirement.

A wide range of standard model sizes to handle air flowrates from 1,200cfm to 60,000 cfm. Units that require handling higher than 60,000 cfm can be custom engineered and manufactured to suit any application requirement.

A choice of selecting either single zone horizontal type air-handling unit single zone vertical type air handling unit or multizone Air handling unit, provides flexibility to suit any installation or application requirements.

A wide choice of accessory section such as filter sections, diffuser sections, mixing box sections, humidifier sections, face & bypass damper section, Heating sections, Energy wheels heat recovery sections, fan only sections, cooling coils sections, silencer sections to meet any air-conditioning, air handling or filtration requirements

Different types of blower fans can be selected such as Forward Curved Fans, backward inclined flat blades fans, Backward inclined airfoil blades fans, Plug fans, Provide flexibility in selecting a fan to meet a particular air fowrates, static pressure losses and efficiency requirements.

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Central Air Conditioning Elegent Home System is designed and developed for high-end residential and commercial space.From the appearances and functions of indoor and outdoor units to the world's leading inverter-driven multi-split core technologies and the application of the most advanced core and perfect visual perception and excellent comfort degree for the sign of high-end residence and luxury life.


•High Technology and Outstanding Operation Performance

•Comprehensive Product Lineup

•Modular Combination Design Give Greater Flexibility

•Easier Transportation and Installation

•Intelligent Control System

•Computer Simulation Development the Most Advance and Energy Saving Development Mode

•Excellence-led Manufacture Mode Efficiency and Energy Saving

•Strict Quality Control and Component Test High Quality, High Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption

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Usually acting as both supply air ducting (air transfer) as well as air distribution/diffusion into the occupied zone. We supply both types of system, positive pressure distribution systems (supply air) and negative pressure (extract /return air) ducting for exhausting air from rooms.

Most important benefits of our fabrics :

•High rigidity and strength

•High fire resistance

•Negligible fibre shedding

•Antistatic effect

•Antibacterial effect

•Easy to maintain

•Stable Appearance

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